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Erb Mon is a visual artist who comes from photography, he began gluing his images on the streets of Barcelona where he discovered urban art. Creating in public space becomes his priority, he leaves photography and begins to paint walls.

Minimalism, nature, philosophy and metaphysics are the vital influences in his life and work, through color he expresses his equidistance from social noise and proposes introspection as a starting point.

In the mural he found a way of communication and with painting a form of meditation, in freedom destiny and in peace the action.

The incessant trips he made to paint murals provided him with very diverse experiences in public space, from the illegal (post-graffiti) to the participatory (popular art) up to abstraction (muralism). This trilogy represents what he considers to be his «street school».

Life on the road made him experiment with digital painting, through technology he creates an extensive series of prints and studies impermanence in the oriental terms «Mono no aware» (philosophical) or «Wabi sabi» (aesthetic) how tools of futurism. From these studies he concludes that all thought flows into the Tao and creates the logos:

Abstract / Minimalism / Mutant

His work has been published in books, catalogues, press reports, radio and television.