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Erb Mon, painter and muralist.

He discovered painting through photography, at the end of the nineties he began to carry out photographic essays, from the beginning the deformation of the figurative centers his interest.

At the beginning of the millennium he began to paint his first pictures in Barcelona and was fascinated by the expressive freedom of painting. At the same time, he hangs his works in the streets of Barcelona in poster format, shares walls with other urban expressions and soon discovers himself in mural art.

For years the mural took up practically all his time, forming a work that gave him the opportunity to travel through different countries and cities and develop a very personal style of communicating through colors and shapes (Pax Viam).

2012/14 Away. Series of murals, pieces and paintings where the encrypted languages form geometric and futuristic designs. The work was developed traveling through different cities and was exhibited in: 2012 Zawp Residence in Bilbao / 2013 Residence at the Fragua in Belalcázar / 2013 Collective Drap Art at the CCCB in Barcelona / 2014 Mutuo Centro de Arte in Barcelona / 2014 Espacio Suberviola in Bilbao / 2014 Collective Aura Division in Bilbao.

2015/16 Erb spent time carrying out commissioned works for companies such as Heineken, Le Meridien Ra Spa Hotel and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao…

2017/20 Mur Project. Looking for popular culture, Erb experiments a more figurative design with everyday elements and nature as a motif. The intention was to get the community involved.

In parallel, he works on the work Panta rei, a series of 54 digital illustrations where Erb symbolizes visions and metaphors inspired by the alterations in consciousness that he experienced under the effects of entheogens. Working digitally enabled him to create work during the extensive Mur tour, which took him four years on the road.

Currently, he intersperses study periods painting pictures and trips to paint murals. In 2021 Erb will exhibit again after five years dedicated exclusively to the mural.

Erb Mon has collaborated with writers (Harkaitz Cano), brands (Heineken), companies (Le Meridien Ra Spa Hotel), (Bic Bizkaia) o (Strava Company), museums (Museo Guggenheim Bilbao), community projects (Mur Project), festivals (Vigo, Cidade de Cor, 2019) or (Intramurs 2017)…